These Are the Dating Apps With the Majority of Female Users

If you’re a woman who’s currently using multiple dating apps, it’s easy to feel like all of your friends are swiping through the same batch of less than eligible New York men. Survey Monkey‘s latest intel proves that might be even truer than you think.

Their survey found that Tinder is the most used app, even if it feels like no one is using it anymore, thanks to all the new and specific options. If you’re a gentleman, you might want to join Christian Mingle, Coffee Meets Bagel and eHarmony (or all of the above), because they all have a majority of female users. It’s actually unsurprising, as those three apps are the most “serious.” If you’re on Tinder, it could be to meet someone for the evening, or it could be because you’re looking for marriage. If you’re paying for a website like eHarmony, you’re committed to finding someone to spend far more than a single night with. Also unsurprisingly, Grindr had the most engaged users.

If you’re a straight woman debating which app to download (or more likely, which to delete to make space for more photos on your phone) consider getting rid of the apps with the highest proportion of women. Christian Mingle comes in at 58.6 percent, Coffee Meets Bagel is not far behind with a whopping 57.3 percent of women and eHarmony is in third place with 55.2 percent. Then, there’s OkCupid, Bumble, Match and Tinder. Oddly enough, Grindr has 6.8 percent women–they could potentially be looking for their gay best friend? If you’re a lady who doesn’t feel like downloading Grindr anytime soon, you could always find someone in the wild…

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